Review of Desiring the Kingdom by James Smith

A Review of ‘Desiring the Kingdom’ by James K. A. Smith

Introducing ‘Desiring the Kingdom’ and James Smith’s ‘Cultural Liturgies’ Series Warning: this is going to be a long discussion/review of Desiring the Kingdom by James Smith. I apologize in advance for venturing a bit into the weeds… it just offers a lot to chew on. According to ‘Desiring the Kingdom’, the first book in James […]

Review of 'Reading Romans Backwards' by Scot McKnight

Reading Romans Backwards Review: ‘Context Matters’

Does the Context of Romans Matter? Context matters. If I tell my wife, “She’s cute, isn’t she?” and I motion to our six-year old daughter, I’m going to get a completely different reaction than if I say the same thing and motion to an attractive stranger. We don’t speak in a vacuum. Unfortunately, the church […]

A Review of ‘Modern Revivalism’ by William McLoughlin

Is ‘Modern Revivalism’ Modern? I grew up in a church that was heavily influenced by the American revivalist tradition (as most evangelical churches have been), though I didn’t know that at the time. For me, it was just the way the church was and always had been – the way it was supposed to be. […]