The Book: My Testimony

The Book: My Testimony

“Lord, if you’re there…show yourself to me.” Another night. Another prayer. And nothing but silence. I’d nearly given up on Him. The only thing keeping me going… the only thing compelling me to pray each night… was a thin hope, a slight chance that He might be there. Like blowing a few bucks on a […]

The Day

When I opened my eyes this morning and pushed through the haze of half-sleep, the one thought that didn’t enter my mind was that today would be the day. And though the blare of our little alarm clock signaled it was time to get ready, just as it had hundreds of times before, there was […]


BEEP—BEEP—BEEP–the sound of the alarm jolted her out of bed and onto her feet like a cattle prod. She blinked for a moment, trying to get her bearings. Where am–, she answered the question before it had formed. Home, I’m home. “What time is it?” she asked aloud, rubbing her eyes. No one answered. Though […]