'When Pain is Real and God Seems Silent' by J. Ligon Duncan

A Review of ‘When Pain is Real and God Seems Silent’

The problem of evil is older than the book of Job. And for many people, it’s the biggest reason that faith in God is difficult – or even impossible. It leaves them asking questions like… How can a good God allow so much pain and suffering? Why doesn’t he stop injustice before it happens? Where […]

Portraits of a Pastor by Jason Allen

A Review of ‘Portraits of a Pastor: The 9 Essential Roles of a Church Leader’

The word ‘pastor’ means many things to many people. For some, it’s the one who gets up on Sunday morning, opens the Bible, and proclaims the gospel. For others, it’s the one who quietly enters the hospital room and prays for healing. Still others think of a beloved mentor… or a faithful Bible teacher… or […]

'Interpreting Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Literature' by C. Marvin Pate

A Review of ‘Interpreting Revelation and Other Apocalyptic Literature’

The Problem with Interpreting Revelation “Interpreting Revelation is just impossible. We’re not meant to understand it and it’s not practical.” “There are too many different views – and I don’t want to run anybody off if they disagree with me.” “I consider myself a panmillennialist – I don’t bother much with Revelation because it’ll pan […]

Review of Desiring the Kingdom by James Smith

A Review of ‘Desiring the Kingdom’ by James K. A. Smith

Introducing ‘Desiring the Kingdom’ and James Smith’s ‘Cultural Liturgies’ Series Warning: this is going to be a long discussion/review of Desiring the Kingdom by James Smith. I apologize in advance for venturing a bit into the weeds… it just offers a lot to chew on. According to ‘Desiring the Kingdom’, the first book in James […]

'A History of Western Philosophy' by C. Stephen Evans

A Review of ‘A History of Western Philosophy’ by C. Stephen Evans

I enrolled in a philosophy class during my freshman year of college. The teacher was everything you’d expect from a college philosophy professor – a button-up shirt with one too many buttons undone, soft curls that fell down to his shoulders, a tendency to answer questions with questions. I dropped it after the first meeting. […]

'For the Life of the World' by Alexander Schmemann

A Review of ‘For the Life of the World’ by Alexander Schmemann

In ‘For the Life of the World’, a contemporary Orthodox classic, Fr Alexander Schmemann sets out to “remind its readers that in Christ, life – life in all its totality – was returned to man, given again as sacrament and communion, made Eucharist. And it is to show – be it only partially and superficially […]

'Knowing Christ Today' by Dallas Willard

A Review of ‘Knowing Christ Today’ by Dallas Willard

I read Dallas Willard’s biography two years ago and it left me astounded. His way of viewing God, the world, and how the two collide challenged me to think more deeply about my own spiritual life than I had in years. And I honestly couldn’t believe that I had never read any of his other […]